Turn that hobby
into a business

Build a business right from your phone with a few taps. Websites, commerce, marketing all powered by your finger and AI.

Start your side hustle.

Driven by Machine Learning & Artifcial Inteligence.

Answer a few questions from your mobile device and within moments our machine learning AI engine will build a website, set up an email & social marketing plan, issue a virtual telephone number for texts and phone calls with clients, and issue a debit card for instance access to your revenue.

Websites and Online Stores

Right from your phone create an online presence that fits your business type.

Marketing on Autopilot

Using industry best practices and machine learning to identify the best marketing strategy for your business, may it be email, social, or other.

Business Phone Number

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Seperate your Business Finances

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Online or in-person sales
all in one app

Accept all sorts of payments from different places. Book an appointment online and collect payment. Or sell something in person and take cash.

  • Quickly build an online store
  • Add products that you can sell in person or online
  • Pay as you go - only 4% on all transactions
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Effortlessly stay on
top of bills

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  • Enjoy access to unlimited free credit scores, without harming your credit
  • See all of your bills and money at a glance
  • Create budgets easily with tips tailored to you
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Hire professional Oppi app Makers to build your apps.

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It's FREE to start! Pay only as your business grows.

No contact, no set-up costs, no monthy charges, just a 4% of all credit card transactions.