Our pride doesn’t end in July!

Are you an LGBTQIA+ business owner? Join Merkado for our first founder forum where we will discuss what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ business owner.

The Event

Be prepared for banter and brews and join us virtually or in-person at The Local Brewing Co in San Francisco at 4PM PST on Monday July 26th. Spread the word, invite your friends and sign up to join us in person @ The Local Brewing Company or stream live online.

This event already happened.
Please watch our recording on Youtube.

Meet our panel:

Hear and share stories with fellow LGBTQIA+ business owners on their successes, struggles, and everything in between.

  • Elvis Zavaleta

    Elvis Zavaleta

    Freelancer, The Beauty by Elvis

    Activist . Artist. LatinX. Sober . Gay Man Him / Nonbinary pronouns. I believe in Love kindness and equality. Celebrity Hair & Make up . 18years in the industry of Barber cosmetologist . Mircoblading Tech & Tattoo Artist and my new journey . I love providing a safe space of relaxation/ meditation, self care and allowing people to be who they are by listening and helping them see , discover and express the beauty of who they are with Hair. Fun fact I have been cutting my own hair since I was 8years old .

  • Regan Long

    Regan Long

    Founder / Owner, The Local Brewery

    Founded Local Brewing Co. in San Francisco in 2010. Creatively released several collaboration brews from 2010-2014, and launched brick & mortar brewery and beer bar in downtown SoMa district in SF in 2015. Known for clean, quality and approachable beer and our award winning Bluxome Black Lager.

  • Richard Bumgardner

    Richard Bumgardner

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer

    Obsession is bad in a roommate. But it's exactly what you want in the guy championing your creative. For over 20 years, Richard has been bringing his own brand of gung-ho energy to the health care and tech space, spearheading creative on behalf of clients like Verizon and Kaiser Permanente. If you can name it, Richard has likely done it with style and panache.

  • Richard Bumgardner

    Jeanette Ruspil

    Owner / Founder, Bay Area Beauty Babe

    I am an up-and-coming beauty professional. I've always had a passion for beauty, wellness, and helping people. I love that I'm able to combine my passions to help people achieve their beauty and wellness goals. In my past careers, I've worked as a Dental Assistant and in Talent Acquisition at Sephora. I offer unparalleled professional service and inspiration to all my clients. I have a modern approach to beauty, and listen to each client to make sure they get what they came in for and so much more. I'm passionate about my work and client satisfaction.

  • Zach Taylor

    Zach Taylor

    Personal Trainer / Owner, Zach Taylor Fitness

    My goal is to make a healthy lifestyle instinctual, permanent and fun. Drawing from evolutionary biology and evidence-based science, I implement mobility, strength and aesthetic training programs that suit your specific lifestyle. Amid a sea of misinformation and quick-fix claims, I will weed out the bad and train you on the most efficient and safe exercises to naturally guide you to your goals.

  • Kevin Miller

    Kevin Miller

    Owner, IT-Computes

    Kevin is bay area native and has always had a passion for computers and technology. He was always the family's go-to "IT person" whenever a technology question arose. While studying at SFSU, Kevin started working with a local IT support company and after 10 years decided to go out on his own and open IT-Computes.

Hosted by:

  • Regan Long

    Giuliano Formilan

    Co-founder / Head of Marketing, Merkado

    A strategic marketer and co-founder of Merkado who also owned a small catering company in Chicago. Giuliano’s passions include building marketing plans, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and helping small business owners turn their passion into a business.

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