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Establishing healthy boundaries in a health & wellness, personal service small business

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Learn how our panel sees their role in supporting clients’ health & wellbeing goals, as well as growing community and their businesses. Don’t forget, we always leave time for Q&A so come prepared your questions.

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Monday, April 25th

5:00 pm PST

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Meet the panel:

  • Shenese Colwell of L.A.B Work & Fitness

    Shenese Colwell

    Founder, L.A.B Work & Fitness
    (Life After Bariatrics)

    Shenese Colwell underwent gastric bypass surgery in October as a gift to herself to try to get her life back on track and optimize her quality of life after many failed attempts at significant, long term weight loss. Shenese is the owner & founder of L.A.B Work & Fitness (Life After Bariatrics) with a passion for helping clients reach their fitness goals and adopt lifestyles of frequent, effective movement to enhance mental and physical health.

    At the age of 51, fueled by her continuous pursuit of knowledge and support in the field of nutrition, fitness, and motivation, Shenese has fallen in love with Pilates and the essence of what it does, not only for aging bodies, but for ALL bodies. She aspires to retire from her corporate job to open her own movement studio.

  • Mary Cobb of Pilates by Mary

    Mary Cobb

    Founder, Pilates By Mary.

    Mary Elizabeth Cobb is the founder of Pilates By Mary. Trained in the Stott Pilates Method, Z Health and Oxygen Advantage, Mary is a brain-based functional movement specialist. Using neuromechanical drills to support clients in reducing painful movement and enhancing athletic goals, Mary has integrated neurology into her Pilates practice.

    Helping clients achieve safer postural habits and increased strength in movement to help clients live a long life in happy, healthy bodies. Her motto, "Furnish your mind (and body) well and you will always have a comfortable place to live.”

  • Zach Taylor of Zach Taylor Fitness

    Zach Taylor

    Health and Fitness Coach/Owner, Zach Taylor Fitness

    Zach's focus as a health coach is not just on muscles and macros, but on the whole person. He brings awareness to sleep health, nutrition, exercise, hormone health, environmental contributors and other lifestyle factors - all elements that when in balance, lead you to thrive.

    As your wellness coach, Zach doesn't just prescribe a plan and send you on your way - he will take the walk with you. The two of you will work together to create a track and keep you on target, altering as you go along, to be sure you achieve your personal goals.

Hosted by:

  • Holly Furgason

    Holly Furgason

    Product Manager, Merkado

    For 15 years, Holly operated a consumer facing, brick and mortar business in the heart of San Francisco and created successful product lines in the areas of personal service, education, and digital content that made a difference in how people live their lives. She’s passionate about health and wellness, experimentation, and has an obsession with customer experience.

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